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MAGNETOTHERAPY. Normalization of blood pressure, work of the cardiovascular system

Lukab-Magnator by changing a magnetic field of cells, improves metabolic processes: biochemical reactions, ionic processes in tissues, the activity of enzymes and nucleic acids. This restores the energy balance of the cells, the better it begins to absorb oxygen, release toxins, waste products of metabolism. In addition, it is known that the sick cell has a frequency different from healthy cells. Under the influence of the induction magnetic field generated by Lukab-Magnator gradually restored and normalized frequency of oscillation of the cells.

Effective at headaches, migraines, weather depending, to normalize blood pressure, back pain, joints. Lukab-Magnator affects the most important fluid of the human body - blood. A magnet has a positive effect on the secretion of certain organs (gallbladder, kidney stones), has a positive effect at violation of the circulatory function.



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