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M’Essence Bio Mushroom product family

During research and development, we created a unique procedure: two different fractions (separation), from which the largest quantity of bio mushrooms’ active ingredient can be retrieved.

The two types: during the hot water and ethanol fraction procedure all the active ingredients for example: beta glucan, phospholipid including hydrolyzing lipids, as well as benzaldehyde, plant steroid( egrosterin= Vitamin D2) is retrieved from the chitin found in the biomushroom’s raw material. Thus we get a concentrated active ingredient containing extraordinary highly effective product as a result of this manufacturing process. At the end of the ethanol fraction process the ethanol evaporates, thus our products are free of alcohol.
A big advantage of the extract prepared with this unique procedure is that raw materials we use, the biomushrooms originate from controlled organic cultivation.

The extracts nutrition content, metal content and microbiological purity made with this procedure was determined by the Győr-Moson-Sopron County Government office of Public Health Laboratory Center that verified them with accredited tests and gave a certificate of compliance.


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