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Every day we are exposed to various types of radiations which affect us on many levels. There are common natural sources of radiation, which can make an impact on our wellbeing, however, in our daily life more awareness must be introduced about the man-made electromagnetic radiations emitted by modern electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, Tv sets and Wifi.

Electromagnetic radiation is all around us, and excessive exposure to it can have harmful effects on our physical and mental abilities.

Bioprotector is an attractive disc specially shaped from a combination of metals that has been laboratory tested to be beneficial to human body. It effectively provides protection against pathogenic emissions by harmonising the deformed bio field of the human body and has a positive effect on harmonising wellbeing. It has no harmful side effects.

The Bioprotector® electro-physical properties are to protect the human body bio-field from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) or electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted from an array of wired and wireless technologies.

Bioprotector comes in three different sizes to suit the need and/or space you need protecting. Simply place the Bioprotector close to you, carry it along with you, or stick it on your mobile phone, to receive protection against EMF, EMR, and pathogenic emissions.


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