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Sprouted wheat - the elixir of health

Probably many have heard about wheat germ. But not many, unfortunately, include it in your diet, as don't know of its miraculous healing properties.

Sprouted wheatUseful properties of wheat are very diverse. This amazing grain consists of a large amount of starch, rich in easily digestible carbohydrates and proteins. Wheat has a lot of magnesium and calcium. Phosphorus compounds are involved in all existing types of metabolism, maintain acid-alkaline balance in the processes of absorption of nutrients in the intestine. The plant contains vitamins E and b, choline, potassium.

Wheat grain contains vitamin E, which is essential for the normal functioning of muscle, nerve cells and liver cells. B vitamins are necessary for normal functioning of nervous, cardiovascular systems, muscles and body. Fiber removes toxins from the body, stimulates intestinal motility. Chromium and lithium rare trace elements, serve for the prevention of chronic nervous exhaustion. Potassium - keeps the acidic-alkaline balance, prevents aging of the muscles and gives them elasticity, strengthens the heart muscle. Iron is essential to red blood cells in combination with vitamin C. Due to the presence of enzymes and antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E) sprouted grain rejuvenate and stabilize all body systems.

Decoction of grain used for recovery after serious diseases. It is used as a means of stimulating the function of organs. Grain exhibits natural antibiotic properties. It is an excellent antioxidant and the product, as opposed to stress. Thanks to the vitamin e break down fats, folic acid does the formula blood, affecting the number of blood cells.

Tender shoots are rich in fiber. They also supply the body with the hemicellulose, a positive effect on digestion. With the use of seedlings is slowed down the uptake of fats and carbohydrates, reduces the production of insulin, contributing to increase of fat cells. Useful infusion of the seeds germinated when wounds that occur in the corners of the mouth under the influence of streptococci or yeast-like fungi.

The wheat germ removes from the body the waste products of cells, poisons and other harmful substances, dissolve fibrin, which is formed in the intestines and protect against cancer. In addition, they improve immunity and reduce various infections and inflammatory processes, ensure the normal metabolism, reduced visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, color and thickness of hair, strengthen teeth.

Cleansing action of this amazing product favorable with eczema and cancer. It is recommended as an effective drug for patients with peptic ulcer disease of the intestine and stomach. Why the therapeutic effect of consumption of sprouted wheat so high? This is because in the process of germination in several times increases the content of active substances, there is a strong interaction and effect on the body.

Low in calories sprouted grains have high energy value. After germination in wheat the content of vitamin C increases up to five times, vitamin E - three times, folic acid - four times. The amount of vitamin C to 50 grams of wheat germ is equal to the amount of this vitamin in six glasses of orange juice!

The use of sprouted wheat has long been known, it is used by all people of the world aspiring to a healthy lifestyle. It's incredibly pure environmentally, medicinal and very nutritious product. It can be recommended to both adults and children.


Sprouted wheat can be purchased in pill and in powder form.

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