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Orthomolecular therapy

The use of antibiotics in medicine is so ingrained that their known toxicity and side effects doctors look the other way, believing it is an inevitable price to pay for positive therapeutic properties. There is no physician who would have done the attacks on the antibiotics his life. On the contrary, is safe even in large doses, vitamins are not got worthy of recognition of the doctors. Negative side effects vitamins are exaggerated without any scientific basis. But the results of the use of vitamins company BIONET truly impressive! Our observations confirm the data on the influence of these substances on almost any body. Vitamins can stop and even reverse the development of many accompanying aging diseases, including: heart disease, osteoporosis, ineffective immune system and other chronic disorders. Their use in cancer patients improves their General health and well-being.
When the woman starts perimenopause and the menopause, bones become skinny at the rate of 10% per year. A woman becomes a perfect target for osteoporosis. To be agile, capable and to look young, you need to maintain bone strength. Calcium — the main component of bone, activator of enzymes, which in sufficient quantity is contained in vitamin BIONET.
The use of very large quantities of vitamins to fight disease called "megavitamin therapy."

Vitamins Bionet (Biyovis)Megavitamin therapy is one of the aspects of orthomolecular medicine, which in recent years paid much attention.

The area of orthomolecular medicine is the achievement and maintenance of better health, prevention and treatment of diseases by changing content in the human body substances which are necessary for health.

Medication are powerful substances that interact with the human body or with the vectors of disease (viruses or bacteria) that help the protective forces of the organism to overcome disease. Many drugs efficiency is very high. However, the majority of them together with positive effects has the negative side. And every doctor in the appointment of a drug it is necessary to weigh the benefits and harms from its use and dosage.
An example of drugs with relatively low toxicity and few side effects is aspirin. A regular aspirin tablet contains 324 mg of the substance. Person wishing to ease their pain or get rid of other discomfort, and usually advised to take a daily handful of pills. The recommended dose of sometimes up to 30 pills a day, for example, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis in adults. Lethal dose for an adult is 60 to 90 pills. Approximately 15% of accidents related to careless use of medication by children, this medication is aspirin. Some people show hypersensitivity to aspirin: when receiving one to three tablets they have a falling circulation and difficulties with breathing. Moreover, aspirin, like other salicylates, in concentrated solutions tends to corrupt and dissolve living tissue. In the stomach the tablet of aspirin can damage the stomach wall and cause the formation of bleeding ulcers.
The anticancer drugs are much more toxic than aspirin in normal doses. their side effects are that during the course of treatment they deliver to the patient suffering. It is clear that it would be good to find methods of treatment, not forcing patients to suffer. Such methods are known: for the most part is the methods of orthomolecular medicine (Linus Pauling, 1968).
In orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins and essential minerals; basic elements of food: proteins (they contain essential amino acids), fats (an important source of energy and essential fats), carbohydrates (the main fuel of the body, supplying much of the energy needed to generate heat for muscular work and for a variety of biochemical reactions); as well as many important substances produced by the body's cells. Thus, for best health food must create and maintain the body's optimal concentration of vital molecules (e.g., vitamin C).
The term "orthomolecular" (from the Greek - straight, right) means the right molecules in the right quantity.
The desired molecules that are required by the body for health, and the right amount is that which provides the best condition.
"...We should not blush, borrowing from the people substances that are essential for recovery" - Hippocrates.
The BIONET company's products meets all the requirements of orthomolecular medicine.
From this position and the need to shape the ideology of its application. Excellent product quality BIONET confirmed by the results of its use: hundreds of sufferers returned to full life, gained health and spirits. With the help of these drugs, any person can independently and very rapidly to prevent and overcome many diseases.

Here is an example from a letter.
"Oksana Grishina, 30 years, since childhood was overweight, suffered from back pain and joints. At height 165 cm I weighed 78 kg. Fought with overweight in various ways - all to no avail. Started taking Bionet Tea collection (rids the body of salts, toxins, wastes, immune complexes); capsules Fatsorber 2 capsules 20 minutes before meals 3 times a day with a Cup of tea. And already on day 10 lost 2kg. Began to take Fruit fiber and vitamins. Began to eat much less and quickly saturated. In a month I was weighing 70 kg. I feel fit and healthy. The weight continues to decline. However, I want to warn those who will follow my example, - beauty, grace and health does not come easy. You need to work! Also, how do you clean the house in which you live, and clean body  - the house of your soul",- said in the Chinese medical treatise of the IV century the "Gate of beauty".
Environmental pollution, fats consumption of food: "soft grades of white bread; frozen and then refried and overcooked meals; excess fat, sugar and starch"; the rejection of religious positions and secular foundations of the feast not retain the freshness and beauty of the body, but also invisible (like radiation) are doing everything to poisoning and premature aging. Don't forget the American saying: "You are what You eat" and choose for yourself the most comfortable, but healthy diet and diet.
Teach your body to eat right. This is possible because Fatsorber not only binds to fats and toxins in the intestines, but also cleanse the body at the cellular level, restoring the metabolism".

Here is an interesting letter we received from woman who use BI0NET products.
I would like to tell more about the action of Fatsorber on the human body. Active ingredients of the drug are: concentrate of the fibers of the cactus Opuntia ficus-indika, which due to its lipophilic property, is able to bind fat in the esophagus, trapped with food, and removes them from the body, and essential fats gives the possibility to mobilize by the body. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, protects body cells against damage from free radicals, strengthen adsorption fat.
Fatsorber reduces the level of lipids (fats) in the blood, including cholesterol and risk of atherosclerosis and is even able prolonged use will dissolve the cholesterol plaques. Unsplit enzymes are not "absorbed into the blood part of chitosan (biological cellulose-fiber) combines with moisture, turns into a gel-like mass and acts in the gastrointestinal tract as a powerful adsorbent:
- cleanses the intestines;
- derives toxic substances;
- improves peristalsis; increases stool bulk (which promotes regular bowel movement);
- eliminates bloating and a feeling of "fullness";
- speeds up the progress, thereby reducing the toxic contact of fecal matter from the intestinal wall.
Fatsorber significantly reduces the absorption of toxins in the blood and is a means of preventing colon cancer.
About atherosclerosis, worldwide, published more 1.5 millions scientific papers, but the final concept of the causes of this disease is not yet generated. However, it is undeniable: atherosclerosis is a disease of the XXI century.
In the mechanism of atherosclerosis the main role is played by violation of the cholesterol (lipid) metabolism. The conventional wisdom that atherosclerosis is directly associated with total cholesterol. In fact, high-density cholesterol is an important component of the normal existence of the organism. It is necessarily involved in the functioning of nerve cells; brain cells; essential for synthesis of sex hormones, and adrenal glands; included in the membranes of most cells of a living organism; essential for the formation of bile acids. The culprit of atherosclerosis is not all cholesterol, and the complex substances: the so-called low-density cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoproteins (proteins that are involved in transport of cholesterol). The low density cholesterol is postponed on walls of blood vessels in the form of plaques and cause heart attacks, strokes, memory loss, etc., at high cholesterol low density usually has a low level of high density cholesterol.

Regulation of cholesterol in the blood is as follows:
1. Chitosan connects with the bile acid (which is the absorption of cholesterol), and outputs it with feces.
2. When taking Fatsorber, blood cholesterol, and cholesterol from the food consumed by the body to synthesis in liver bile acid with chitosan, it is eliminated from the body.
3. Histon, being positively charged, prevents the digestion of any fats that have a negative charge: ion chitosan literally merges with the ions of lipids (fats) inhibits their absorption in the unchanged form excreted in the feces. Thus, Fatsorber not only prevents atherosclerosis and its consequences, but also is the "cleaner of blood vessels". It is indicated for obesity, and diseases of the liver, which plays a most important role in fat metabolism.
4. Reduces blood pressure, struggling with atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of hypertension. Hypertension relieves the negative effect of salt (NaCl). This effect is due to the fact that Fatsorber (positive ion) outputs NaCl in the feces and prevents the formation of angiotensin, a substance that is formed in the organism under the influence of chlorine ions and causes a sharp spasm of blood vessels, i.e. high blood pressure.
5. Reduces the level of sugar in the urine of patients who are overweight and acts as a prophylactic at risk of developing diabetes.
6. Improves immunity by regulating the pH of tissues and hold it slightly alkaline condition. It is known that at such pH aktiviziruyutsya level of blood lymphocytes responsible for immune level.
7. Improves microcirculation of tissues by removing atherosclerosis, and relieves spasm of blood vessels, especially tiny capillaries.
8. Adsorbs and removes from the body salts of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.), mineral fertilizers, chemical dyes, drugs, radionuclides which can accumulate for years which poison the body and cause many ailments.

Fatsorber improves the drainage property (ability to cleanse) the lymph system, which is the main place of accumulation of toxic substances and the most difficult for detoxification.

Vyacheslav Petrenko,
The Chief Doctor of the Sumy city
clinical hospital No. 5,
Honored doctor of Ukraine


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