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Streptoderma - disease caused by streptococci and characterized by the formation of pink scaly round patches.
Streptoderma infection occurs when close contact with a sick person. The incubation period of the disease lasts about 7 days. The chronic form may occur around wounds and ulcers, healing over a long period of time. In addition, the factors provoking the development of the disease in the chronic form are the following: varicose veins, prolonged cooling of the extremities, leading to increased sensitization to staphylococcal and streptococcal infections.
Spots are formed at the same skin disease can be of different sizes, gradually, their diameter is 3-4 cm; they usually have a slightly pink color, rounded shape. Blemishes are covered finely lamellar scales. They are located most often on the face (then the disease is called "simple zoster of the face"), rarely - on the back, buttocks, legs, and are usually found in boys of 7-10 years. After stains leave a temporary depigmentation. Sometimes the skin formed vesicles filled with serous or sero-purulent contents.
Subjective sensations of the patient are not usually observed, but sometimes it can be some itching, dryness of skin; fever, swollen lymph nodes.
Streptodermii in the chronic form is characterized by a relapsing course and development of large size (diameter 5-10 cm) lesions of the skin. The lesions are well demarcated spots with irregular, scalloped edges and peeling at the edges of the Horny layer of the epidermis; often they are localized on the shins. On the skin there are the bubbles after opening which formed large crusts of a yellowish-brown color. After removal at the scene of the peel reveals bright pink erosion surface which separates abundant serous-purulent exudate. Between relapses stops the formation of new bubbles, instead of crusts formed foci with peeling grayish-yellow scales.
The continued existence of the infectious focus and consequently increased sensitivity of the skin to germs can lead to transfer of disease from chronic streptococcal in microbial eczema. Characteristic signs of this process are the appearance of eczematous wells, change of borders of lesions (eczema they become pixelated, blurry).


  • gel Bionet externally and internally
  • ozonator Selva locally
  • antiparasitic program (likarap, colonfit)
  • calcimax
  • magnemax
  • digecol


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