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Dermatitis herpetiformis


  • Bionet active balm locally and internally
  • energy cream
  • antiparasitic program (Likarap, Colonfit) - 3 months
  • optivit
  • PUREX 1, 2, 3
  • fitovit

Personal experience


For 5 years I couldn't get rid of cold sores, and all these years I had to pass many tests, to undergo different kinds of treatment, to study the disease in more detail has become a necessity.
The herpes virus infection with 90% of the population. The virus is transmitted through saliva, household items and, of course, sexually. One kiss with a person who has common cold on the lip is usually sufficient for infection.
The virus enters the body through mucous membranes or areas of damaged skin. In the epithelial cells of the herpes virus begins to proliferate actively, while external symptoms may not be. In consequence of the infection penetrates into the nerve cells. Calm herpes viruses prefer to "nest" in nerve cells of the spine - the intervertebral ganglia. For the virus is very convenient and safe housing from antibodies of the body.
There are 7 types of herpes viruses.
- Herpes simplex type 1 most often is the cause of nasolabial rash.
- Herpes simplex type 2 - in most cases, causes genital problems.
- Varicella and shingles ("herpes zoster") is a virus type 3.
- Epstein Barr virus - the virus of type 4 - causes the disease infectious mononucleosis.
- 5 - type Cytomegalovirus .
- The value of 6 and 7 types is not clear. I believe that they play a role in chronic fatigue syndrome, the sudden appearance of the rash. There is even speculation about the role of herpes in the development of schizophrenia.
Herpes "passes" in front of a strong immune system, but immediately goes on the offensive, if the body's defenses are weakened. Exacerbation of herpesvirus infections provoke: hypothermia, overheating, mental excitement, cold sores often come with other viruses and infections, and because it often accompanies viral cold, flu, sore throat.
The bubbles on lips - for most, the problem is more aesthetic. But of particular concern to physicians is caused anoguenitalny herpes. If left untreated, or treated improperly, very often causes very serious complications, including infertility (the herpes virus affects the reproductive cells); herpes eye damage including blindness; radiculitis; damage to the nervous system and brain, HSV meningitis and encephalitis; pulmonary - herpetic pneumonia; liver - herpes hepatitis.
So treat cold sores, you need. This should be done in the period of exacerbation - when there are symptoms.
Thanks to the excellent products BIОNET three weeks I was able to eliminate the herpes virus by purchasing: Active balm, Elixir, Tooth gel for lubrication of herpes, but, as mentioned above, it is necessary to eliminate the virus from the inside. So I for 2 months did a clean Tea BIОNET (Biyovis), Fruit fiber, antiparasitic program. To lift the immunity of cut 2 months Vitamins BIОNET, Fitivit. After 3 weeks the person has become clean, the treatment is continued. And for the first time in 5 years this fall, I had no rash on the face.
I thank the managers of the company BIОNET for unique products.

Tikhonova Nadezhda,


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