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Alopecia - process of complete hair loss or significant thinning hair on the head.
There are several types of alopecia - alopecia (lack of hair in limited areas), diffuse (severe thinning hair), androgenic, scar, seborrheic.
The causes of this disease vary depending on the type of alopecia. In addition to the internal, physiological malfunction of the body, baldness can contribute to bad environment and stress. Also these causes could be poor hair care, for example, frequent drying with a hair dryer with hot air, bad perms, frequent hair coloring, bad hair, and the like. So unfortunately, alopecia is facing now, more and more people, and their average age is critically reduced.


  • magnet Lukab-Magnator
  • tea Bionet
  • vitamins Bionet
  • fruit fiber
  • cleansing complex Purex 1,2,3
  • active balm locally and internally
  • shampoo and gel for hair Nonimed
  • elixir Bionet


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