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MAGNETIC THERAPY: the centuries-old method of treatment

The Chinese used magnetic therapy for the treatment for over 5000 years and in the European cultural circles also mentioned this miracle! Even Cleopatra wore a vintage sample magnetic therapy bracelet, which kept the youth and beauty. In the next century, the famous healers, from Paracelsus and ending with William Gilbert, were treated celebrities and rulers used this method! (e.g., Queen Elizabeth 1).

Could it be many centuries, and even millennia ago, "magnetotherapy device"? Yes!

In the course of research it became clear that the most valuable, are intended only for the kings and rulers of the decorations were "miraculous" stones with magnetic properties, and made of them a miraculous decoration had magnetic properties! In Mozart's opera the stone Mesmeric referred Despina, was a magnetotherapeutic device. The miraculous stone got its name from Franz Mesmer, who with the help of this stone with magnetotherapeutic properties treated patients suffering from thrombosis, nerve disorders with such success, that made the stone miraculously, made him a legend and even inspired them Mozart.

Now, the miraculous properties of stones and jewelry can apply not only for kings and rulers, but for any man of our time!

Modern medical science has proved the beneficial influence of magnetic field on the human organism, and, summarizing the experience of Eastern and Western medicine, has made public it's a miracle.

Modern medical science of the Western type and magnetotherapy

Although magnetic therapy have long been used by man, e.g. for pain relief, fatigue or improve well-being, modern medicine has only recently found again this method!

After the discovery of aspirin and antibiotics for a time was pushed in the direction of natural products and methods of their application, but in the third Millennium, various treatments appear not only as an alternative but complement each other!

In 1950, the Japanese and Soviet scientists to space-based testing discovered use of magnetic therapy again. They have gained experience that person, being in the Earth's magnetic field, in its absence, suffer from depression, and osteoporosis. This is called the syndrome of absence of the so-called magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field ( the magnetic forces that affect all life ) is greatly reduced in the last 500 years and today is only 0.5 Gauss. Dr. Nakagawa (Tokyo) in 1976 in his article first described the symptoms of "syndrome of deficiency of magnetic fields". It's back pain, headache, fibromyalgia, restless sleep, digestive problems, circulatory problems and General fatigue. Dr. Nakagawa's observations based on the results of a survey of more than 11600 people using the devices for magnetic therapy. More than 90% of respondents confirmed that the use of magnetotherapeutic devices was effective and only 10% have not noticed any changes. About adverse events none stated.

Today is clear that the syndrome of deficiency of the magnetic field affects not only the astronauts, but almost every one of us!

Our life takes place in buildings of concrete and metal, in cars, trains, planes, and all of them lowering the Earth's magnetic field. Added to this is the so-called electric smog, which is created by our computers, radios, televisions and mobile phones. And thus the Earth's magnetic field is increasingly reduced, and that there are sudden changes in the weather and climate, the stress which results at a young age to inflammation of muscles and joints. Magnetic therapy for all this offers his version of the effect. This ancient method of treatment available today, and we can get positive effect for the solution of such problems, which could only work with antibiotics.

Mechanism of action

Our cells and organs surrounds the biomagnetic sheath, which protects the body from harmful effects of external magnetic field. In diseases (inflammation), it disrupted the magnetic field of the cell or organism, resulting in a self-regulating mechanism of the body slows down. The therapeutic effect of a magnetic bracelet is to restore the disturbed magnetic field or to maintain it during treatment.

The main component of blood is hemoglobin with a high iron content, which provides cells with vital oxygen. When applying magnetic bracelet blood flow can speed up, whereby the oxygen is delivered faster to the broken and sick bodies, and it greatly reduces the period of treatment.

Such products as magnetic bracelet is so effective and delivers results to all who applied it in the joint and muscle pain, to reduce fatigue and improve blood circulation. Thanks to modern medicine, this device can be not only for Kings and Queens, stars and famous personalities, but for everyone!

Magnetic bracelet has a beneficial effect for: migraine, arthritis, headache, pain, back pain and lower back pain, joint pain, fatigue, depression, circulatory problems, stress, menstrual cramps.

Magnetic bracelet can be worn all day. In it 6 magnets gradually restore to normal working of cells of Your body that are weak or improperly functioning. This implies that magnetic therapy has a positive impact on almost all diseases, because all chronic diseases begin at the cellular level.

Application is possible anywhere and everywhere. Not only treats, but also is an ornament. The magnetic field strength of 800 Gauss.

A huge advantage of magnetic bracelet - no side effects!


Do not wear magnetic bracelets next to the clock. Also not recommended during pregnancy or if you are using pacemaker (artificial driver of the heart).


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