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Dysbiosis in children

Dysbiosis - imbalance of microflora. When dysbacteriosis disturbed the balance of useful and pathogenic microorganisms, for example, in the intestines or reproductive organs. There is an opinion that intestinal dysbiosis occurs as a result of imbalance of the intestinal microflora due to various reasons: use of antibiotics, in particular antibiotics, improper feeding, the dysfunction of the immune system, etc.

As a result of violations of competitive relations normal microflora authority of their place is often pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi Candida or Aspergillus.


  • fruit fiber
  • Biyovis tea
  • elixir
  • microclysters with elixir (in breeding)
  • energy cream
  • biomax



Medical experience

Dysbacteriosis in children under one year of age 4 and 5 months. Used: tea BIОNET from 100ml a day with 1-3 drops of the dental elixir Bionet 3 times a day, fruit fiber 1/16-1/10 of 1 pill once in the morning, BIONET active balm and tooth gel BIONET - a pea on the tongue 2 times/day, and the lubrication of the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Also microclysters 1/2  teaspoon dental elixir BIONET for 30-50 ml of warm water or tea.

The treatment was carried out from 4 to 10 weeks. A week from the beginning of the use began to improve, normal stool, no vomiting, higher activity, improved appetite, weight gain.

Klochko N. I., pediatrician,
Cherkasov I. S., pediatrician neonatologist

Most often, in my practice, from infants ( even those who are breastfeeding) are diathesis, i.e., skin rash. It is, as a rule, manifestations of intestinal dysbiosis.

Help fine:
1. Elixir - 1 drop in teaspoon of water 3 times a day.
2. Biomax - 1/2 capsule per day for 20-30 days depending on the severity of the condition.
3. Cleansing tea Biyovis - 1/8 of a sachet, pour 250 ml of hot water, to insist 20 minutes, drain, give your child to drink during the day with a spoon or with a bottle as much as the child will drink.
4. Vitamins BIONET:
1st day - ¼ tab. 1 times a day;
2nd day - ½ tab. 2 times a day;
3rd day - ¼ tab. 3 times a day;
4th day - ¼ tab. 4 times a day and so continue to take up to 30 days.
Children grow up healthy, with no evidence of rickets.

Oksentyuk, Tatiana,
pediatrician, Kyiv

Personal experience

Intestinal dysbiosis

Boy, 4 years. Due to congenital staph intestinal dysbiosis. Often treated in the hospital, but the digestion was not satisfactory, low hemoglobin, poor appetite. Used elixir and vitamins. After a few days got better, after 1 month blood test showed an increase in hemoglobin of 27 units.

Maiko N.,


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