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Asthenic-neurotic syndrome, neurosis, headache, migraine

Migraine (head pain) is the result of the temporary widening of the blood vessels of the head.

A migraine is a throbbing headache on one side, which begins slowly and usually lasts for 12-18 h.

Every third, suffering from migraine, has aura (the state prior to the attack) for 10-30 minutes before the attack. At this time there is a glimmer of light in the eyes, numbness and partial temporary loss of vision. This form of migraine called classic migraine. Another form where there isn't an aura, is called a common migraine.

Migraines typically appear after a certain period of time - a month is usually two to four attacks. As a rule, the attacks more frequent during periods of emotional stress.



  • ozonator Selva
  • magnet Lukab-Magnator
  • Bionet tea + vitamins
  • active balm on the painful points and zones
  • tea Lapacho
  • copper kerchief
  • calcimax
  • magnemax
  • juvenal
  • antiparasitic program (likarap, colonfit)


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