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The sensitivity from weather is a condition in which a significant impact on human health have fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. These fluctuations are very strong effect on the cell membrane, resulting in the movement of the products of metabolism, and especially the homotoxins. All this causes in the body a great deal of turmoil and discomfort.

To fought with this - strengthen immunity and elimination of toxins from the body. The stronger the body, as it is less restricted, the less it is prone to depend on the state of atmospheric pressure.
Meteosensitivity becomes really dangerous if in response to atmospheric changes, the body produces a pathological reaction: exacerbated chronic illnesses, unexpected malfunction of the heart, stomach and lungs. These problems can occur even before the change in the weather as a kind of alarm reaction. According to scientists flu outbreak, for example, have precisely dysfunctional from the point of view of weather conditions days. In this dangerous period of time you get three or four days before and several days after the occurrence of the change.



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