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  • magnetic bracelet
  • magnetic necklace
  • magnetotherapy courses (Lukab-Magnator)
  • capsules Noni
  • garcilian
  • tea Bionet (3 consecutive months)
  • activi balm Bionet on the tongue for 10 minutes before eating, to RUB in the projection of the pancreas + energy cream (to rub on the area of the pancreas)
  • fruit fiber
  • vitamins Bionet or optivit
  • sanavita
  • Detox SPA courses (sugar control)
  • copper bedsheet
  • PUREX phase 3
  • MSM
  • longevita

Medical experience

Female, 46 years. Diabetes mellitus, was discharged from the hospital, blood sugar 17.4 mm/l, after 5 minutes of procedure Detox SPA BIO sugar decreased to 11mm/l. he Graduated from the course of treatment (14 treatments) - sugar 7.4 mm/l.

Maksimenko Valentina Filippovna,
Director of the center for preventive medicine "Ayurveda Crimea".
Neuropathologist of the highest category,honored doctor of the Republic of Crimea.


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