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SELVA CM-103 Ozone Air cleaning device

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Designed to clean and ionize the air in small spaces 5-12 m2 or 15-36 m3 and in the car (included the adaptor 12V).
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Finally, everyone can breathe easy, even those who suffer from asthma

We can live about 3 weeks without eating, and only 3 days without clean drinkable water, and how long can we live without breathing in fresh air...?
The industrial variant of this device has been used for a long time in laboratories, special factories, and to some extent, in hospitals' infectious divisions. Thanks to modern technology, a small sized, yet powerful device was also developed for household use, for cleaning purposes (about 40-60 m3 of air). The device does not contain any moving, noise making parts, thus there is no longer need for maintenance, filter or part replacement, or additional expenses to be paid. Unlike traditional deodorants (which try to suppress unpleasant odors), our device destroys the long chain molecules floating in the air which are responsible for causing unpleasant smells, with the use of active oxygen. Largely it prevents microorganisms from multiplying in the air, sterilizes and helps heal wounds, eases chocking attacks, allergy.


  • removes cigarette smoke, food, animal, toilet odors
  • ties down dust particles, eases pollen allergy
  • its effects can be noticed just after using it a few minutes

Air cleaners capacity: 40-60 cubic meters of air. Recommended for household use!

Recommended areas: smaller areas, bedrooms, offices, etc.


  • deodorizer
  • disinfectant -air freshener
  • stop sleeping disorders
  • immune system strengthener
  • calms the involuntary nervous system
  • neutralize or prevent respiratory allergies, asthma problems


Technical parameters of ozone generator Selva CM-103

Size; weight 9.8 x 10 x 7 cm; 370 g
Remote control no
Voltage 12V DC
Power 5W or less
Method of production silent, electrowipes
dust Collection anionic
the Density of ozone < 0,009 ppm (vents)
the Production of anions > 400,000 units/electrode
issue time 2.4 m/sec
Performance 5 - 12 m2 (or 15 - 36 m3)
application field indoors, in the car
Accessories brush for cleaning, atomobiley adapter 12V, AC adapter 220V
Warranty 1 year


Ozone generators SELVA have an international patent and awarded the Tokyo awards  in  region  of the inventions of Japan, No. special resolution in Japan: 3017146, registration number: 2149501, No. special. resolution: 3426927. Taiwan patent new models number: 1966923, Taiwan patent new models number: 168464, Chinese patent number: ZL 982199759, U.S. patent No.: US6391269B1.


# SELVA CM-103 Ozone Air cleaning deviceCustomer testimony 2016-11-07 08:58
The air cleaning device has been operating for 5 years now in my son's room and since then, he hasn't had sinus, tympanum, or tonsillitis, even though during the winter season it occurred nearly on a monthly basis.
Since then, we operate a device in each room. The entire home is pleasant, has clean air, and dusting only needs to be performed every 2-3 weeks, prior to this it needed to be dusted every 2-3 days.

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