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Bruises and abrasions, wounds


  • active balm Bionet
  • gel Bionet
  • elixir
  • fitovit (to apply directly on the wound surface, the internal use to promote healing in varicose ulcers, when postoperative wounds -internally and topically to promote healing, prevent infection)


Personal experience

Female 55 years old. Fell in the tub. Hurted shoulder and head. Immediately smeared balm Bionet. The hematoma was not formed.

Gandzyuk Valentine,
Ladyzhenka Cherkasy region.


Woman. 48. Cherepno - traumatic brain injury, a bruise of soft tissues of the head, a whiplash injury. Along with medication, took an Active balm (rubbed in the head 3-4 times per day) and under the tongue 6-8 times a day. Bruising on the head with diameter 6.5 cm resorbed after 6 days, pain in shoulders, back disappeared after 3 days. On the second month of medication was canceled. With the help of a Magnet and Magnetic bracelet stabilized intracranial pressure. An ambulance was not called (first time - every week for 3 times). Rare headaches was filmed in 10 minutes After rubbing in your head Active balm. Along with this, always taking Tea BIОNET, Tooth gel, elixir.

Klochko N., Cherkasova I.,
neonatologists, Dnepr


My sister Roxanne on the fingers of the right hand happened deep laceration 4 cm in length and 1 cm in depth. Wound pulled, aching, burning...". I was advised to use a Tooth gel Bionet. After 3 days the wound healed completely.

Elena Maisuradze,
Batumi, Georgia


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