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Herpetic keratitis

Herpetic keratitis — inflammation of the cornea caused by the herpes virus. The frequency and severity of this disease takes the first place among keratitis.

Activation of the pathogen contributes to the weakening of the immune defense of the body: SARS, fever, microtrauma of the cornea, hypothermia, emotional stress. Often the disease is preceded by herpetic eruptions on the lips. There are primary and postprevious forms of the disease.

Primary herpetic keratitis

Occurs in children under five years of age when occurs the primary introduction of the virus into the body.

The disease begins acutely. Appears photophobia, lacrimation. Joins reaction from the nearby lymph nodes. On the cornea opacities of various shapes and localization edema. Pronounced inflammatory reaction of the iris. Often joins a secondary infection, worsening of the disease.

Post-primary herpetic keratitis

The disease can occur in different forms. Superficial keratitis have the form of point cloudiness, proceed without the expressed clinic — this form is rare. Extensive forms capture the inner layers of the cornea, accompanied by an extensive ulcer and the formation of coarse walleye.

In General, for herpetic keratitis in adults, is characterized by a sharp decrease in vision, severe pain in eye, swelling and redness of the eyelids and eyes.

The disease is recurrent in nature — after the first attack in the provocation in the form of hypothermia, alcohol consumption, menstruation or abortion in women, there is a second attack. With each subsequent attack in connection with the depletion of the immune system, increases the duration of the disease, the more profound the defeat of the cornea and increasing loss of vision.



  • active balm topically and orally 3-4 times a day
  • tea Bionet
  • breeding elixir
  • fitovit
  • vitamins Bionet


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