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Calculous cholecystitis (Cholelithiasis)

Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder. In 90% of cases - calculous cholecystitis is. Calculous cholecystitis cholecystitis is accompanied by formation of stones in the gallbladder. Another name for calculous cholecystitis - cholelithiasis.
Calculous cholecystitis is common in the elderly. Often patients with calculous cholecystitis is biliary colic.
When gallstones calculous cholecystitis may be located in the gallbladder (75%), rarely - in duct of the gallbladder. The stone located in the bile duct can obstruct the flow of bile, or to make it impossible.

When blockage of the cystic duct stone causes a sharp pain (biliary colic). Generally for calculous cholecystitis is characterized by pain in the right hypochondrium. The violation of outflow of bile under calculous cholecystitis causes jaundice of varying severity. When calculous cholecystitis with bile stasis in the gallbladder is possible itching, especially of the palms and soles. Urine becomes dark and the stool light. When calculous cholecystitis may be fever, often an enlarged liver.


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