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Product based on three bio-mushrooms is designed to support the functioning of the lungs, kidneys and cardiovascular system.
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M`Essence Air Mushrooms 3 is a dietary supplement syrup.

Product based on three bio-mushrooms is designed to support the functioning of the lungs, kidneys and cardiovascular system. Improves gas exchange, oxygen adaptation in cells. Natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral effect. Promotes the restoration of lung tissue, respiratory system and cardiovascular system in viral and bacterial infections. Due to its high antioxidant status, it prevents the occurrence of malignant neoplasms. Regulates immunity and restores the energy potential of the body.

Active ingredients

glycerin, extracts from the Chinese mushroom Cordyceps, Chinese Reishi mushroom and Chaga birch mushroom.

Effects of active ingredients

Cordyceps Chinese mushroom - helps lung function, eliminates inflammation caused by pathogens. Prevents "cytokine storm" (hypercytokinemia), has an antioxidant effect. In the presence of proteins that cause autoimmune diseases, blocks them and removes them from the body. Contains polysaccharides that have a probiotic effect such as glucan, lentinan, mannan, xylan. It is easily adapted by beneficial fungi and bacteria, absorbs heavy metals and toxic substances, helps to cleanse the intestines and preserve the microbiome. Normalizes liver and kidney function. Promotes increased energy in cells.

Reishi Chinese Mushroom - Contains the polysaccharide triterpene, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Eliminates allergies. Prevents damage to lung tissue and respiratory tract, reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, eliminates complications. It improves the hemoglobin index, prevents blood clots, regulates blood cholesterol levels and acid-base balance. Normalizes the work of the liver and heart, normalizes the hormonal background. Regulates the level of stress hormone, restores the nervous system. Promotes the normal functioning of the digestive system, removes toxic and chemical substances from the body.

Chaga birch mushroom is a natural adaptogen that protects the integrity of DNA strands. Normalizes the hypereactivity of the immune system. Eliminates inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes the digestive system. Contains tannins, agaric acid, manganese, resins and antioxidants that regulate blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol. Effective in diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases. Has antiviral effect, is especially effective in viral hepatitis C. Promotes tissue rejuvenation.

Recommendations for use

  • with violations of the immune system;
  • in case of violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • with violations of blood pressure;
  • with thrombus formation, vascular atherosclerosis;
  • with disorders of the nervous system (neurasthenia);
  • with frequent infectious diseases;
  • with viral diseases (influenza, hepatitis, herpes virus, Epstein Barr virus);
  • with pneumonia;
  • with asthma;
  • with multiple sclerosis;
  • with diabetes mellitus;
  • during the recovery period after serious illness;
  • to improve the condition in oncology;
  • during physical exertion for athletes;
  • to maintain the energy resource.

Method of use

adults 5 ml 30 minutes before meals 1 time per day. Can be consumed with water, tea. If necessary, the intake of the product can be increased 2 times a day. The course is 3 months.


before use, you should consult with a specialist in the presence of chronic colitis, with dysentery, with autoimmune diseases. Do not use mushrooms with antibiotics and drugs that contain glucose.

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