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Destroys gram-positive and gram-negative microbes, is used to treat 6 types of fungal infections of the skin. Has an antibacterial effect, restores the acid-alkaline balance of the skin.
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Natural product. Excellent for skin care.

Product contains

  • lipatsid C8G, which has antibacterial properties, restores the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, helps in the treatment of fungal diseases;
  • extract ratanv, which has hemostatic effect, which is important in cases of injuries, fractures, wounds for ignition;
  • allantoin, which is used for injuries to the ignition of the wounds;
  • panthenol – vitamin drug – vitamin B5.

Antibacterial soap has microbiological properties

  • killing gram-positive and gram-negative microbes;
  • is used to treat 6 types of fungal infections of the skin.

Recommended to use

  • in hospitals and doctors ' offices;
  • people who work with toxic and harmful substances;
  • injuries and fractures for wound healing;
  • for hygiene of genitals;
  • when problems of the genitourinary system;
  • allergies, redness, rashes on the skin;
  • when saborea;
  • the problem of juvenile acne;
  • in the treatment of psoriasis;
  • in advanced stages;
  • when sweating of the feet;
  • when the sores;
  • once a week for dandruff;
  • in the case of some types of fungi;
  • when a skin mite;
  • after hair removal to relieve irritation.

There are no side effects.

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