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DETOX Spa device designed for inference of toxins, heavy metals, cleansing the blood lymph. If regularly use detoxication the body, You eliminates the causes of pathologies, improves physical condition and health.
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DETOX Spa device designed for elimination from the body of toxins, cleansing the blood lymph.

Recommended for

  • with a weak immune system;
  • people who work in the contaminated environment;
  • people who often eat fatty foods;
  • people who use alcohol and tobacco;
  • people who experience a greater load, often there is a feeling of nervous exhaustion;
  • diabetics, hypertensive patients, patients with inflammation of the joints, gout, or after injuries.

What's in the package 

  1. the DETOX Foot Spa device - 1pc;
  2. infrared bamboo belt - 1pc;
  3. wrist belt - 1pc;
  4. contact spray 1pc;
  5. litmus paper - 1pack;
  6. spa array - 1pc;
  7. metal case - 1pc;
  8. users manual - 1 copy.

Body Cleansing System and Detoxification

The cells of our body are in constant state of work - metabolism: eat, restoring, renewing itself within, etc. In the process formed a product selection which are subject to elimination.
When the human body regularly and operating properly, the number of products selection is minimal, and the accumulation of removed lymph.

But the lifestyle - the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, inactivity, constant stress, environment, etc., over time, impact on health, exposing him for the reverse process, which is the lowest level of protection of the immune system. And in case of illness, one on the penetration of toxins affects the entire body, which leads to many diseases and pathological changes.

Toxins of biological origin are produced by tumor cells, infectious agents bacteria, viruses, fungi (mycotoxins), or parasites, in particular helminths.

There are different types of toxins:

  • Toxins affecting the blood.
  • Neurotoxic venoms, affecting the nervous system and the brain.
  • Micciche poisons that can damage muscles.
  • Hemotoxin that damage blood vessels and cause bleeding.
  • Hemolytic toxins, which damage the red blood cells.
  • Nephrotoxin that damage the kidneys.
  • Cardiotoxin that damage the heart.
  • Necrotoxin that destroy tissue.
  • Other toxins.

The BIYOVIS Company offers the DETOX Spa Bio device, which is a unique system of purification and detoxification. If you regularly use cleanses the body, eliminates the causes of pathologies, improve physical condition, health, and human health.

Cleansing the body is through direct contact of the legs of the body with ions of water. Under the influence of weak vibrations all the toxins and harmful substances out of the body, which is a painless process, reminiscent of the festivities on the beach.

The effect of negative ions on the human body

  • The effect on the nervous system: increases brain activity, improves efficiency, improves sleep quality. Supplies oxygen to the brain.
  • Effect on cardiovascular system: it acts on blood vessels, keeps cholesterol at a proper level, prevents sedimentation of lipids on vascular walls, activates blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure. Negatively charged ions help hypertensive patients in recovery.
  • Effect on circulatory system: negative ions slow down the blood flow, makes the clotting time of blood longer, increase the content of oxygen in the blood. It is clear the lymph of blood!
  • Good action shows in cosmetology. Negative ions promote healing perfectly charred parts of the surface of the skin, eliminate herpes.

What you should pay attention

  • People who have low blood sugar before treatment should consult with your doctor. The detoxifier lowers blood sugar in diabetics and in people who do not have diabetes, but sugar levels which are too high. Before conducting detoxification it is advisable to eat because the body can drop sugar levels, which can cause poor health.
  • People who are taking medication to regulate heartbeat, you should also be careful, but treatment for them is possible. Treatment can begin with 10 min.
  • The detox can also be used for patients with kidney problems who undergo dialysis, patients with diabetes and taking insulin, patients who suffer from heart disease with blood flow.
  • Mild cleaning process helps to dissolve the toxins, which the heart and the kidneys are not able to remove yourself from the body. The application of this method of treatment can be combined with medication, is not disturbed insulin levels.
  • You can use people who have implanted metal prostheses in the body (eg. the hip prosthesis), but we must be careful, because the resulting electromagnetic field can cause mild discomfort. In this case, you must suspend the procedure.
  • Children aged 8 to 15 years old must to use the device no more than 15 min For adults cleaning time 30 min. For the chronically ill - maybe 45 min. is Recommended at age 50 years to clean toxins from 1 time in 2 days, and after 50 years - 1 time in 3 days. One course of treatment consists of 14 procedures. Then a 2 week break, after which the course may be repeated.
  • In the process of detoxification, in addition to toxins from the body, can be displayed in a small amount of other substances, such as calcium, starch, carbohydrates, etc., these substances are recommended to replenish vitamins, mineral elements (the drug CalciMax).
  • During the procedure of detoxification, it is recommended to take the liquid (e.g., BIYOVIS Tea).
  • For detoxification procedures, to achieve the best results, it is recommended to take PUREX cleansing complex.


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