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DILL (natural insulin)

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Reduces high blood sugar and blood cholesterol, prevents obesity, normalizes blood pressure. Supports pancreatic function. Recommended for prophylaxis during the influenza epidemic.

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75g / 150 tablets.


  • Supports pancreatic function.
  • Antimicrobial effect that reactivates the immune system.
  • Lowers cholesterol, excellent source of fiber.
  • The high potassium content helps to regulate blood pressure so regular consumption of fennel can help prevent heart attack, stroke.
  • Reduces the level of blood sugar. Vanadium, which is present in dill, regulates insulin production and prevents adiposis has.


dill powder (99%), artichoke

Method of application

4 -5 tablets per day with plenty of water.

Raw, or special preserving way dried, dill is a very valuable antioxidant.

Contains large amount of vitamin C most important water soluble antioxidant in the human body - scavenger of free radicals that can damage cells of the body. The concentrate also contains vitamins A and E, Riboflavin, vitamin corpses, folic acid, pectin, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and a large number of fibers. Dill has a strong antimicrobial effect, strengthening the immune system, consumption of fennel reduces elevated cholesterol levels.

The high content of potassium supports normal blood pressure prevents heart attacks and strokes.

Dill improves the functioning of gastrointestinal tract, used as a diuretic, soothing and antibacterial. Very strong antibacterial activity of fennel, similar to the effect of garlic can stop the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and other organs. The drug is effective for the treatment of urinary tract infections and maintain their health. Can be used to treat infections in the oral cavity, eliminate bad smell. In folk medicine because of the content of phytoestrogens is used to regulate menstruation and to enhance the production of milk in lactating women.

Regular application of dill reduces the excess level of glucose in the blood. This property is due to the high content of vanadium, which regulates the production of insulin and prevents the accumulation of fat. Thus carbs not turn into fat, but pass directly into muscle tissue and converted into energy. Vanadium reduces the cholesterol level in the blood is used to strengthen teeth, bones, and increase muscle mass. Systematic use of dill in period of several months significantly reduces blood sugar levels.


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