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TOOTH GEL Biyovis (exotic)

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Dental Gel Exotic is designed for mint sensitive people.
Improves the metabolic and regenerative processes in cells of the oral mucosa, skin. Protects dental enamel from penetration of strontium and cesium. Eliminates inflammation, has a bactericidal effect on pathogenic microflora.
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150 ml

Trained gums, healthy teeth

This product was made for people and children who use homeopath products.
Its main ingredients are thyme, aster and vitamin C, which have antioxidant, inflammation reducing, astringent, antibacterial, firming effects, and care for the gum's tissues. These agents complete the South American Rathania root extract/ Krameria triandra Extract/, that was used for oral hygiene since ancient times. High amount of tanner content has retracting effects that is why it is remarkably suitable for correcting and preserving the gums health. This is an outstanding tooth care product for children and homeopath product users and those who don't like menthol. Its effects are clinically proven: „Based on clinical tests it was determined that the tooth gel is remarkably usable for treating oral cavity problems, like gingivitis, paradontitis, paradontosis,fungus infections,treating wounds, post treatment aftersurgery, alveolitis, decubitus....
During everyday dentistry work include plaque removal, using itas polishing for posttreatment, treating gum inflammations and ensuring oral hygiene for those wearing dentures.

Dr. Robert Csiszar chairman of МОВО,
Director of MED-SYSTEM Education Center



  • Brushing teeth everyday.
  • Training gums if used as a mask.
  • Preventing oral cavity infections from forming.
  • Complementary treatment after operative dentistry intervention.
  • The care of teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth (used after toothpaste).
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity - stomatitis, including Candida, gingivitis, caries, hypersensitivity of the necks of the teeth, deposition of Tartar, periodontitis and periodontal disease.
  • Festering and oozing wounds on the skin, erysipelas, cuts, abrasions, bruises, bruises, boils.
  • Varicella.
  • Herpetic rash.
  • Pimples and blackheads, including youth.
  • Insect bites.
  • Chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma.
  • Adenoids in children.


On a dry toothbrush to squeeze out 0.5 cm of the gel, and treat gums and teeth for 2-3 minutes 2 times a day (morning and evening).

Festering and weeping wounds, abrasions, acne, pimples, burn surface of vesicles varicella, designated insect bites, cold sores apply a thin layer 2 - 3 per day.

In chronic prostatitis gel is used to massage the prostate. Thus it is necessary to apply the gel for care of teeth and gums. In addition, the amount of gel the size of a pea, to be swallowed 2-3 times a day. The same application in prostate cancer (instead of a massage, the gel can be inserted into the rectum in the form of therapeutic microclysters is 50 ml of water add about 1 - 1.5 ml of gel).


Aster-, thyme-, Rhatany-extract, vitamin C.

Contraindications: do not use in case of open wounds
No side effects are known


# Dental gel ExoticCustomer testimony 2016-11-01 15:19
My dentist was never satisfied with my gums, and the special mouth wash he recommended was useless. After using the Biyovis toothgel and the mouthwash for a week, my gums were no longer bleeding, but it took about half a year for my gum infection to go away. Today, there are no signs of these unwanted symptoms, and finally my dentist was also satisfied with my oral cavity.

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