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MASTER BURNER fuel saver

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Saves fuel to 5-30%! Increases the life of the engine.
Used in automobiles, household gas boilers, devices that use liquid or gaseous fuel.

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Saves gasoline!
Removes electrostatic charges on fuel molecules, which leads to better its combustion, increase efficiency, the disappearance of the carbon.

In the annular housing placed special magnets which create in the center of the ring particularly strong homogeneous magnetic field. The ring is mounted on the fuel line from the outside, without disassembly, so that the fuel (petrol, alcohol, gas or gasoline) is passed through a special magnetic field. Strong magnetic field removes the electrostatic charges of molecules of fuel reduces the viscosity, with the result that the adjustable accelerator pedal the amount of fuel when spraying, it breaks into much smaller droplets. Small drops are best mixed with air in this regard with hydrocarbon molecules of the fuel faces more oxygen and the combustion is accelerated. As a result, the earlier part of the fuel is either not burned or burned in the exhaust pipe, now gives the energy to the engine during its power stroke with a duration of approximately 0.01 seconds, therefore, this energy is utilized. As thermal and effective efficiency of the engine increases.


Due to more perfect combustion the amount of CO and hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases decreases. In the case of catalyst vehicles, the composition of the exhaust gas does not undergo much change, however, since the catalyst can only handle much smaller amounts of toxic elements, its SERVICE LIFE INCREASES by 2-3 times. The combustion temperature in the engine increases by about 10%, therefore significantly decreases the amount of soot (especially in diesel engines), moreover, BURNOUT of soot from piston ring grooves, valve plates and candles (decarbonization process), allowing the engine to less wear, increased service life, reduced oil consumption. To follow this process very easy, as the co content in the exhaust gases at first when the engine is hot increases sharply, and then, depending on the length of the mileage is significantly reduced, often up to 30% of the factory info. Exhaust pipe burn by purchasing a gray color, moreover, the soot disappears so deep that it becomes a visible scale inside a metal pipe. The MOTOR has BETTER pull, ITS POWER INCREASES and its COURSE, especially in the case of a cold engine BECOMES even, faster the engine reaches normal operating temperature, wear a cold engine decreases. Better LUBRICATION.

As a result of achieving the highest efficiency to produce power that is similar to the previous result, it requires less fuel, that is, when the corresponding driving style of the vehicle can be achieved fuel SAVINGS to 5-30%!

After leaving the Bionet MASTER BURNER fuel molecules, of course, again RUB against each other and of the pipe wall, so it is advisable to set the Bionet MASTER BURNER as close to the carb, injector or feeder. Thin, or made with magnetically shielded material fuel line is recommended at least partially replaced, to achieve the desired effect. The use of Bionet MASTER BURNER does not effect the warranty of the car, moreover, an increasing number of auto brand offers devices working on the principle described above devices as a Supplement to their cars. The service life of the device Bionet MASTER BURNER is almost unlimited, it does not contain model parts and yet the car or the boiler working, and thus remains Bionet MASTER BURNER.


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