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Magnet for water structuring. Diameter of connection 3/4". Magnetic water has a beneficial effect on the human circulatory system and body in General. In everyday life prevents deposits of water stone in systems where it is installed, increases lifespan of appliances and improving the quality of their work (boiler, washing machines, coffee makers, etc.).
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1 pc., material: copper (chrome coating), installing diameter: 3/4"

Magnet for water Q2 is designed for structuring water used in the home when the water pressure is not more than 6 ATM.

Operation of work

In the device there are special permanent magnets which polarize the past through it of water and minerals. So instead of solid calcite is formed in a softer crystal - argonit in the allocation of lime. Old deposits of water stone gradually dissolve under the influence of activated water and remains in the form of a thin film argonit, which protects the pipe from rust. In boilers precipitation can be easily removed simply by wiping lime stains. The biological activity of water depending on its temperature was maintained for 3-6 days.

Below shows photographs of water crystals: 1 photo - structured (magnetic); 2 photo - usual plumbing water.




type of magnet
of pipe)

LxD mm
material max
use for max
Q2 (3/4") 94x52 1-3


70 life,



On the Q the company gives 10 years guarantee. The device is made of environmentally friendly materials, chemicals do not contain electrical energy does not use, does not require any maintenance, does not corrode, and therefore, the use of devices for magnetization of water is economically justified and will bring You great pleasure.

Structured water has the following biological properties

  • stimulates blood circulation and normalizes blood pressure;
  • promotes the release of sand from the kidneys and gall bladder, dissolves stones in kidney stone and kidney stone diseases;
  • normalizes rheological properties of blood, preventing blood clots;
  • increases membranoproliferative cells and restores the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood, improves the General condition of patients with atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease;
  • heals wounds on the skin, effective in the treatment of various dermatological diseases: eczema, dermatitis;
  • boosts immunity, enhances its resistance to disease, prevents, ensures longevity;
  • irrigation (rinsing) the mouth magnetized water promotes the removal of Tartar, eliminating periodontal disease, treatment of phlegmon. Magnetic water prevents the formation of dental plaque, cleans the enamel from soft plaque, stops bleeding gums. These effects set the candidate of medical Sciences R. I. Mikhailova at the Central research Institute of dentistry;
  • bath of magnetic water (10 sessions, 10 minutes, 1 times per month lower arterial pressure to 30 mm Hg.), relieve headaches, pain in the heart, sleep disturbances, fatigue. This was proved by the doctor of medical sciences E.V. Utekhin, Department of magnetotherapy sanatorium of Kirov, Sochi.

The fact of the healing effects of magnetized water is undeniable. In the Rostov regional medica and sports dispensary has applied a proven way to "placebo"; for patients has appointed two kinds of baths — with magnetized water and ordinary, but supposedly activated permanent magnets. Obvious effect gave only magnetic water.

Now it becomes clear why minichannel water is called "active".

Delight not only the curative properties of magnetic water, but the ease with which you may gain these qualities. It's easy! Normal water only crossing the lines of magnetic force - it's becomes "active" water.

Use for

everyday life

  • not formed a water stone in a system where the heater is installed;
  • no formation of deposits of iron;
  • in steam boilers will be a removal of water scale, which will settle to form sludge;
  • due to the lack of limescale in the heating system temperature would be absolutely reliable;
  • in the heating system device is positioned after the pump which circulates the water in the system.


  • magnetic water attracts hydrogen molecules (the effect of rain water!);
  • drops of the magnetized water 3-4 times smaller than a drop of water from the water (e.g., on the leaves of plants not remain in the residue);
  • the roots of the plants more resilient and much faster absorb fertilizer;
  • when spraying the chemical is best to dissolve in the magnetic water.

food industry

  • when kneading the dough with magnetized water on the final product more porous and has higher palatability;
  • less time is baking;
  • significantly reduces the time during which the cooked product (especially you need to follow when you are cooking something in a sealed container).

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