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NAPIKA (for women)

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A basic set of capsules and tablets that contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids for daily use for better functioning of body systems. Cleanses the body (including parasites), strengthens the immune system, restores hemoglobin and acid-base balance.

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12 packages of 14 capsules

NAPIKA is a set of capsules and tablets that contain enzymes, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids. It's a daily dose for daily use with the aim of balanced and quality supply of cells throughout the body and better functioning of body systems.

  • cleanses the body from unwanted toxins and viruses,
  • serves as a source of essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • strengthens the immune system,
  • restores blood hemoglobin
  • has antiparasitic action
  • restores acid-base balance, protects against free radicals,
  • a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, immune system, liver, pancreas and bone-joint system
  • rejuvenates and activates the protective functions of the body
  • indispensable in a period of increased physical and mental stress loads during the travelling.


  • 2 capsules Vitamin C (47%) with red pepper and hibiscus flowers – normalization of immunity, protection from worms
  • 1 capsule of Mega MAG plus vitamin C(40% L-ascorbic acid + 338% of magnesium oxide) protection from stress,support the heart,
  • 2 capsules Ananas Papaya Curcuma (30% pineapple, 20% papaya leaf, 10% papaya fruit, 7% turmeric, gelatin) - normalization of the pancreas, digestion, immunity
  • 5 tablets Purple Blood Plus (54% GRANULAT beet, 10% pulp of the fruit of rosehip, 10% hibiscus flowers, fruits of black elderberry, black chokeberry, inulin, Jerusalem artichoke, green tea, iron fumarate) - restoration of hemoglobin
  • 2 capsules wheat Grass – (99% of powder of wheat grass, Jerusalem artichoke) – blood purification, elimination of toxins
  • 2 tablets Alfalfa (99% powder alfalfa + Jerusalem artichokes) - pregnant women, nursing mothers, calcareous substances to the skeletal system and teeth of kids, increases hemoglobin and strengthens blood vessels

Method of application

1 package to use during the day, drinking amount of water.


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