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PUREX Phase 3

PUREX Phase 3 program is designed to clean the blood vessels and improve heart function, normalizes cholesterol and triglycerides, removes deposits from the walls of the vessels and supplies the body with substances that improve and optimize the activity of the heart.
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Biyovis Company recommends unique integrated programme PUREX for detoxification, regeneration and prevention of heart and circulatory system of the body, which is aimed at maintaining and restoring human health.

Purpose of PUREX Phase 3 complex

  • colon cleansing and liver of toxins, parasites and deposits of toxic substances;
  • regeneration of the body, restoring the processes of cleaning and maintaining the healthy functioning of the body;
  • cleanses the blood vessels and improves heart function, normalizes cholesterol and triglycerides, removes deposits from the walls of the vessels and supplies the body with substances that improve and optimize the activity of the heart.


  • CORDIA Q-1O (30 caps) - 1 pkg.;
  • Lecitin-Kombi (90 caps) - 1 pkg.;
  • O-Mega-3 (60 caps) - 1 pkg.;
  • FLOWNORM capsule (90 caps) - 1 pkg.



The most important component is a substance Coenzim Q-10 that plays an important role in the production of body energy. Heart muscle works continuously, from birth to death, and therefore requires a lot of energy. Level Coenzim Q-10 in the body declines with age, so filling it is possible to maintain the optimal level of the process of energy production in the body.

With a lack of Coenzim Q-10 there are various metabolic disorders that can affect the condition of the circulatory system (heart, blood vessels), but also lungs, kidneys and processes aging.

Proper dosage Coenzim Q-10 prevents the development of these processes and contributes to the preservation of health.

Other active components of capsules CORDIA Q-10 (vitamin E, beta - carotene, selenium, vitamin C) which are potent natural antioxidants that protect body cells from the harmful effects of continuously generated free radicals, whose oxidative properties harm the walls of blood vessels and is one of the reasons for the formation of malignant tumors.

Action of CORDIA Q-10

  • improves efficiency of the heart;
  • protects from the harmful side effects of beta blockers, used in medicines for reducing pressure;
  • maintains the elasticity of vascular walls;
  • improves its own energy supply of the heart;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • protects from the harmful effects of free radicals on the heart and the body in General.

Recommended daily dose

1 capsule after breakfast.



Lecithin is a compound derived from nature that, for example, found in soybeans in the form of a complex mixture of fats, saturated and unsaturated essential fatty acids in combination with phosphorus. As shown by clinical studies, through the systematic use of lecithin decreases the harmful cholesterol level in the blood (LDL) and decreases the absorption of fats from the digestive tract. When physical and nervous exhaustion lecithin helps to regenerate the body, strengthens memory and improves concentration. Lecithin is also involved in the design of the cells.

An important property of lecithin is that already on the walls of blood vessels cholesterol, which can dissolve and be removed from the body. One of the components of lecithin, phosphatidyl-colin plays an important role in the transmission of nerve excitations, thereby improving brain function. Lecithin is effective in the process of removing fat from the liver.

Great help lecithin render people sensitive to weather change. The drug is also beneficial for athletes whose performance may be limited due to pain in the joints. Lecithin gives a healthy color to the hair, prevents hair loss, it can be used to prevent the formation of eczema.

Capsule Lecitin-Kombi in natural liquid form is easily absorbed, making much more effective than preparations of lecithin in the form of traditional solid granules.

Capsule Lecitin-Kombi also contains Coenzim-Q-10. In this kind Coenzim-Q-10 is especially effective, because being in a dissolved form it is more active and easy to digest.

The third important element capsules Lecitin-Kombi is the oil from wheat germ. It contains such natural essential unsaturated fats that also contribute to the healthy functioning of the circulatory system of blood vessels, effectively reduce harmful cholesterol levels in the blood.

Recommended daily dose

1 capsule 3 times a day before meals.



Natural sources of fatty acids O-Mega-3 is marine fish.

In marine fish can be found in a large number of two important fatty acids O-Mega-3: EPA and DНА. These two types of unsaturated fatty acids contribute to maintaining normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Capsule O-Mega-3 contains EPA and DHA in the ratio of 33:22. Daily recommended dose: 2 capsules, that practically means the introduction into the body of 270 mg EPA and 180 mg DHA with 137 mg of other biologically active fatty acids. This amount, if taken for 30 days, reduces harmful cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood.

In more serious cases, when a marked hyperlipidemia, treatment need to continue more for a long time even for 1-2 years until, while an exceptionally high level of blood fat is not normal.

The result of applying O-Mega-3 is enhanced by a balanced diet.

Recommended daily dose

2 capsules per day.



Blood vessels require the same kind of prevention, like regular water, which must be periodically cleaned of deposits water stone and subjected to disinfection. "Water stone" blood vessels are formed from minerals and fats (especially cholesterol levels). This substance is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and narrows them, resulting per unit time through the blood vessels less blood flows. Due to deposits on the walls of blood vessels appears the turbulence of blood flow that contribute to the formation of blood clots.

One of the most effective substances of capsules FLOWNORM is a special grape seed extract contains so-called polyphenols. Under the action of these compounds harmful substances which are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, dissolve, restoring the normal throughput of vessels. This reduces blood pressure and eliminates the danger of thrombosis.

Another component - pomegranate extract (Punica granatum). Pomegranate extract contains alaudinova acid that is considered to be one of the "most powerful antioxidants". Polyphenols with antioxidant properties in grape seed extract alaudinova acid, are specific, among which, first and foremost, it should be called resveratrol, which effectively cleans blood vessels, prevents blood clots and normalizes the heart. FLOWNORM also has L-ascorbic acid and vitamin E heightens this effect.

FLOWNORM especially recommended to those who have already suffered a thrombosis, a heart attack.

FLOWNОRМ regular use maintains the health of blood vessels, maintaining the "purity" of the circulatory system.

Recommended daily dose

1 capsule 3 times a day before meals.

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