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Balances the intestinal flora and improves intestinal health, increases calcium absorption and improves bone health, helps reduce calorie intake, helps reduce glycemic index and helps control weight, stimulates the immune system.
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100% inulin syrup .

Inulin is a natural polysaccharide with a sweetish taste, not having synthetic analogues. It is contained in more than 3000 plants, mainly in their roots and tubers.

Its popularity is due to the valuable qualities of the polysaccharide. Being a natural prebiotic, inulin, when ingested into a human gastrointestinal tract, improves intestinal motility, stimulates digestion, provides nutrition and growth of valuable bifidobacteria. Human digestive enzymes are not able to digest inulin, so it fully retains its valuable properties in the digestive tract.

Since the formula of this polysaccharide is close to the formula of fiber, the acidic environment of the stomach is not able to act on inulin. It undergoes partial cleavage in the intestine, where working microorganisms convert inulin into a nutrient medium for their reproduction. Growing colonies of beneficial bacteria displace pathogenic flora, which heals the intestines, stimulating the biochemical reactions of digestion.

The remaining undigested part of inulin, passing through the intestines, cleans it from toxins, radionuclides, "bad" cholesterol.

Valuable properties of inulin

  • Inulin contributes to the absorption of beneficial trace elements necessary for human life: calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus. Thanks to his mediation, the absorption of these minerals is increased by 30%, bone formation is stimulated, its density increases by 25%, and osteoporosis is prevented.
  • Inulin is an immunomodulator, increasing the intensity of metabolic processes, increasing endurance of the body.
  • Creates the illusion of satiety, without adding calorie to food, contributing to weight loss.
  • Excellent replaces natural coffee, without harming the digestion and nervous system.
  • It gives products a rich taste, without increasing their caloric content.
  • Thanks to the reaction of lymphoid tissue to the introduction of inulin into the digestive tract, the human immune system is strengthened, as the local immunity of the ureters, bronchial tree, and gastrointestinal mucosa is increased.
  • Hepatoprotective properties of inulin consist in stimulating the repair of damaged liver tissue, which helps in the treatment of hepatitis B and C.

Method of use

1 teaspoon per day (3g) as a sweetener in teas and cooling drinks.


In a dry, cool place, after opening, store in a refrigerator at a temperature of 4-15 °C and use for a month.

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