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FITOVIT (drops)

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Обладает целебными свойствами растений, благодаря которым воздействует на организм как иммунорегулятор. Применяется при симптомах: вирусных, бактериальных, гипериммунных, грибковых, воспалительных заболеваниях.

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FITOVIT is an aqueous-alcoholic extract of medicinal plants (leaves and roots of Echinacea purpurea, goldenrod, thyme, St. John's wort, garlic and parsley leaves), which affects the human body as immunoregulator. Also, the product includes a balanced set of trace elements, vitamins, natural antioxidants and other biological active substances, which help to restore the normal functioning of the body cells, with the result that disappears after some time the disease itself and its symptoms (there is a-renewal of all cells in the human body).

Indications for use

1. Bacterial infection.
Chronic inflammation of the bladder, inflammation of the sinuses, follicular tonsillitis, etc.
2. Viral diseases.
To facilitate the flow of hepatitis, prevention of possible complications of hepatitis B and C, herpes, HIV infection, after viral diseases (e.g., prevention of pneumonia after influenza).
3. Treatment of wounds.
Apply directly on the wound surface, the internal use to promote healing in varicose ulcers, when postoperative wounds -internally and topically to promote healing, prevent the occurrence of infections.
4. Autoimmune diseases.
In rheumatoid arthritis, in lupus, the syndrome of Reiters, diseases of the vertebrae, causing stiffness in the joints.
5. Hyperimmune disease.
Eczema, asthma, chronic rhinitis and allergies.
6. Fungal diseases.
For example, fungal diseases of the intestine and vagina.
7. Infection of animal origin.
When the animal bites, viral and infectious diseases (malaria, snake bites, bees, bird flu).
8. Inflammatory disease.
Inflammation of the joints, rheumatism, lung inflammation, inflammation of the tonsils, as a febrifuge.
9. Infection with worms.

Method of application

At the age of 1-2 years: 3 times 3 drops dissolved in water or tea.
Aged 2-7 years: 3 times 6 drops, dissolved in water or tea.
At the age of 7-14 years: 3 times 6 drops, dissolved in water or tea.
At the age of 14 years and older: 3 times 12 drops, dissolving in 100 ml of water.
Not to overdose.

Dosage for animals: dogs, cats, birds.
When the weight is 0-5 kg: 6 drops, dissolved in drinking water.
In the weight up to 5-10 lbs: 8 drops, dissolved in drinking water.
In the weight up to 10-15 kg: 10 drops, dissolved in drinking water.
For weight over 15 kg: 12 drops.

Can also be used to treat for poisoning animals.


PROHIBITED to take during pregnancy, organ transplant, for those who take immunodepressant, and with a sensitivity to alcohol.


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